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Next-Gen GERPHOS flame retardants for lamination

Lamination, a process used to coat and protect documents, photographs, and a plethora of other materials, has become synonymous with durability and preservation. The layering technique not only shields precious memories or important documents but also extends to various industrial applications, providing surfaces with enhanced resistance to wear, UV damage, and environmental factors. In industries such as furniture, flooring, and packaging, laminated materials impart a mix of aesthetic appeal and functional utility. With gloss, matte, or textured finishes, laminates can replicate the appearance of natural materials or display vibrant graphics, all while providing protection. Yet, beyond these benefits lies a challenge: fire resistance. Given the diverse settings in which laminated products find application, they are often at the forefront of potential fire hazards. It’s imperative, then, that these materials are not only durable and visually appealing but also inherently safe when faced with fire threats. Bridging this gap between aesthetics, function, and safety is the next frontier in lamination technology.

Next-generation GERPHOS flame retardants significantly elevate the fire resistance of lamination processes and materials. By integrating GERPHOS into lamination formulations, the laminated products demonstrate a marked decrease in their tendency to ignite and spread flames. This enhancement is crucial for applications where laminates are exposed to potential fire risks, ensuring they retain their structural and aesthetic qualities while complying with rigorous fire safety standards.

GERPHOS Next Generation Flame Retardants
Lamination Flame Retardants
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